NABU’s Written Statement For The 15th Session of CEPA

In response to an open call for written statements, NABU-Knowledge Transfer Beyond Boundaries would like to make the following suggestions pertaining to subitems 1 and 2, as these two issues are closely related to each other. Using and applying ICT can ensure prioritization and decision-making that is fair, responsive, inclusive, participatory and accountable at all levels; it can improve engagement and communication between governments and stakeholders, including through access to information, open government, electronic and mobile solutions. However, it is important to recognize that both can be achieved by multi-stakeholder open e-government framework that includes everyone at all levels of the government. In order to make such a framework feasible, it requires trust in the system. Without the element of trust, it is doubtful that fairness, responsiveness, inclusion, participation, and accountability can be accomplished. Trust is critical link to transparency. Thus, it is imperative that the framework is transparent in order to gain the trust of all stakeholders. In short, ICT is only effective if it is built on trust that all people share.

NABU-Knowledge Transfer Beyond Boundaries

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