• February 15, UNHQ, New York, NY. Preparatory Meeting for the Oceans Conference, Recommender.
  • February 3, UNHQ, New York, NY. Leaving No One Behind: Poverty and Disability, Observer.


  • September 15, UIS Webinar, online. The Importance of Early Interventions: How to Measure Child Development?, Atendee.
  • March 2016, online. Implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Participant.
  • March 16-17, Cochabamba, Bolivia. Simposium International, Promotion of an Inclusive and Accountable Public Administration for Sustainable Development, Presenter.
  • March 2016, online. Implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Participant.
  • March 15, UNHQ, New York, NY. CSW60, Realizing Women’s Access to Full, Productive Employment and Decent Work, Through Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining, Atendee.
  • March 15, UNHQ, New York, NY. CSW60, Addressing Violence Against Women and Girls to Achieve Sustainable Development, Attendee.
  • February 16, UNHQ, New York, NY. High-level Event on the Value of Hosting Mega Sport Events as a Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainable Development Tool, Attendee
  • February 11, UNHQ, New York, NY. First Commemoration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Attendee
  • February 9, 7PM EST, NABU NGO Board Meeting


  • November 6, 6PM EST, NABU NGO Board Meeting
  • 2010-Present, UNHQ, New York, NY. United Nations Expert Group Meetings (EGM), E-Government Expert
  • October 19, UNHQ, New York, NY. World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS +10), Advisor.
  • July 14-16, UNHQ, New York, NY. Sixth Working Session of the Open Ended Working Group on Ageing.
  • July, UNHQ, New York, NY. Stakeholder Selection Committee for the United Nations President of the General Assembly’s Informal Interactive Consultations on WSIS+1, Member.
  • June 8, 4PM EST, NABU NGO Board Meeting
  • May 12, 7PM EST, NABU NGO Board Meeting
  • April 28, UNHQ, New York NY. Civil Society Hearing on the Longer-Term Positioning of the United Nations Development System, Participant.
  • March 16-17, UNHQ, New York, NY. Expert Group Meeting “United Nations E-Government Survey 2016: E-Government for Sustainable Development.”, Presenter.


  • February. 13th Session of the Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA) of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).


  • October, Korea. United Nations Global E-government Forum, Ministerial Round Table, Expert/Chair/Rapporteur
  • October, United States Embassy, Estonia. High-level Round Table. Speaker “E-government Trends and Estonia”.
  • July, Switzerland. United Nations E-Participation Forum, Expert Group Meeting, Expert.
  • June, United Nations Public Service Awards and Forum 2013, Expert Group Meeting, Bahrain, Expert/Speaker/Session Chair “Developing a Toolkit Based on Lessons and Trends”


  • December, United Nations E-government Expert Group Meeting, Department of Economic and Social Affairs , UN HQ, New York; Expert, Rapporteur
  • July, Sydney, Australia. Imagine Cup 2012 Final.
  • June, UNHQ, New York, NY. United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) Public Service Forum, Speaker “How to use Social Media to Innovate and Engage Citizens in Service Delivery?” 
  • April 19-20, Danilovgrad, Montenegro. 6th ReSPA Annual Conference, Speaker “E-government strategy”, “UN Public Service Awards”.


  • July, New York, NY. Imagine Cup 2011 Final. 
  • May 19, Geneva, Switzerland. United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) Workshop on “Greater Government Transparency and Citizen Engagement to Promote Effectiveness and Accountability in Public Service Delivery”.


  • October, Istanbul, Turkey. Bilisim Zirvesi ‘2010 (ICT Summit), Keynote & Speaker: “The Future of CIOs: Next 10 Years”
  • July, Warsaw, Poland. Imagine Cup 2010 Final. 
  • June, Barcelona, Spain. United Nations Public Service Award & Forum, Speaker: “National E-government Strategies: Application of ICT in Government in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals”
  • May. Computerworld Honors Program, Computerworld Information Technology Awards Foundation, Judge
  • May, Istanbul, Turkey. European Regional Economic Forum 2010 Workshop on Knowledge Transfer for Development, TUBITAK, Speaker “Capacity Building for Knowledge Transfer & Globalization”


  • December, Muscat, Oman. Omani Government, Gulf Conference, Speaker “Private-Public Partnership & E-Government”.
  • December, Muscat, Oman. First GCC e-Goverment Conference.
  • July, Cairo, Egypt. Imagine Cup 2009 Final.
  • May, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. UN Economic Commission for Africa, 1st Session of the Committee on Development Information Science and Technology, Workshop on HIV/AIDS and GIS, Rapporteur and Observer.
  • April, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 1st Session of the Committee on Development of Information Science and Technology, UN Economic Commission to Africa.
  • January, New York, NY. Executive Roundtable Forum at Microsoft, Chairman/Organizer.


  • October. UNFPA High-level Consultation on HIV Prevention, Discussant.- July, Paris, France. Education Leaders Forum, Advisor.
  • October, New York. “HIV Prevention in Africa, UNFPA and Partners African HIV Prevention Strategy Consultation Meeting”, Discussant/Think Tank
  • August. CIO 100 Awards, CXO Media, Judge.
  • July, Paris, France. Imagine Cup 2008 Final
  • July, UNESCO H.Q., Paris, France.  Education Leaders Forum, Adviser.
  • May 27, China. 7th Forum on City Informatization in the Asia-Pacific Region, Capacity-building Workshop on Back Office Management in Asia and Pacific Region, Presenter.
  • May, Shangai, People’s Republic of China. Chairman, CIO to CIO Dialogue at the CIO Executive Forum.
  • May, Shanghai, China. CIO Executive Forum in Support of United Nations Development Programme, Chairman/Speaker.
  • April, New York, NY. CIO Conference, CIO, CXO Media. “Surviving and Prospering in an Economic Downturn”, Speaker/Moderator.
  • Switzerland. Trends in Information & Communication Technology and the Challenge of Sustainable Development, UBS Wolfsberg Think Tank., Scholar in Residence at UBS Wolfsberg Think Tank.


  • November 5-7. IOI Malta Operational Centre of the University of Malta, Pacem in Maribus XXXII, Women, Youth and the See.
  • September 25, Geneva, Switzerland. UN Workshop Global Forum on Youth and Development “Network of Knowledge Experts and Their Role in Addressing Environmental Challenges”.
  • September 24-26, UNHQ, New York, NY. The Global Forum on Youth and ICT for Development.
  • August 10. Global Public Education Forum, Seoul Korea, Microsoft and Korean Ministry of Education, Panel Speaker.
  • July, Seoul, Korea. Imagine Cup 2007 Final.
  • June. United Nations Public Administration Network, Online training programme on “E-Government, What a Government Leader Should Know”, Reviewer.
  • April 19-20, UNHQ, New York, NY. Infopoverty World Conference, Participant.
  • April 2-4. UNHQ, New York, NY. First Medical Assembly: Meeting the Global Challenge of Cancer.
  • March – April. Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Emmy New Media Technology Blue, Panel Judge
  • February 25-27, Santa Clara, USA. UN GAID Strategy Council Meeting, Participant.
  • Februrary, UNHQ, New York, NY. Age of Connectivity: Cities, Magnets of Hope, Chairman.
  • February, New York, NY. International Conference on Age of Connectivity: Cities, Magnets of Hope, United Nations Human Settlements Programme, Chairman.
  • January. The Third Annual Young Generation Technical and Leadership Conference 2007, Keynote Speaker.
  • 2007. Workshop on Building Human Capital and Intellectual Capacity.
  • 2007. Compendium of ICT Applications on Electronic Government Volume 1: Mobile Applications on Health and Education, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs,  Researcher.


  • November 28-29, UNHQ, New York, NY. Our Common Humanity.
  • November, UNHQ, New York, NY. High-level Conference on Our Common Humanity, Responder.
  • November, UNHQ, New York, NY. Partners Committee for Our Common Humanity Conference, Convener.
  • October 31, St. George’s House, Windsor, UK. Windsor Roundtable to Support the Global Forum on Reinventing Government, Participant.
  • October. World Bank Institute e-discussion “ICT for Economic Development”, Participant.
  • October. ICT for Economic Development organized by RiOS and the World Bank Institute, Discussant.
  • October, Windsor, UK. Round Table at St. George’s House to Support the 7th Global Forum on Reinventing Government, Session Chairman/Participant.


  • September, New York, NY. Microsoft & SIM IT Day (inaugural event), Event Chairman.
  • July, Yokohama, Japan. Imagine Cup 2005 Final, VIP Final Judge/Adviser


  • Graz, Austria, Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society, Visitor.
  • October, Project NABU-Cameroon: “The Case of Socio-enabling Computing Seminar”.