NABU-Knowledge Transfer Beyond Boundaries representatives act as advisors and jurists for global organizations seeking to create conference strategies and programs advancing UN MDG. NABU provides conference partners, sponsors, speakers for panels, and workshops.


  • 29 April, Representatives attended the UN Interactive Multi-Stakeholder Hearing on Universal Health Coverage, “To allow non-state actors to formally contribute to the preparation of the UN HLM in September on Universal Health Care"., UNHQ, New York, NY.
  • 10 April, Representatives attended the 100th anniversary of the International Labor Organization “High-level Event of the 73rd General Assembly on the Future of Work with Decent Work”, United Nations Headquarters (UNHQ), New York, NY.


  •  9 June, 5PM EST, Conference call, NABU NGO Board Meeting
  • 15 March, Representatives attended the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles Forum (ECOSOC Chamber) | Gender Equality, UN Women, the United Nations Global Compact, United Nations Office for Partnerships, UNHQ, New York, NY.
  • 29 January – 7 February, Representatives attended the 56th Session of the United Nations Commission for Social Development, “Strategies for eradicating poverty to achieve sustainable development for all”, UNHQ, New York, NY.


  • 11 July, 5PM EST, NABU NGO Board Meeting
  • 4 June, 5PM EST, NABU NGO Board Meeting
  • 15 February, UNHQ, New York, NY. Preparatory Meeting for the Oceans Conference, Recommender.
  • 3 February, UNHQ, New York, NY. Leaving No One Behind: Poverty and Disability, Observer.


  • 15 September, UIS Webinar, online. The Importance of Early Interventions: How to Measure Child Development?, Attendee.
  • 23 June, 5PM EST, NABU NGO Board Meeting
  • March 2016, online. Implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Participant.
  • 16-17 March, Cochabamba, Bolivia. Simposium International, Promotion of an Inclusive and Accountable Public Administration for Sustainable Development, Presenter.
  • 15 March , UNHQ, New York, NY. CSW60, Realizing Women’s Access to Full, Productive Employment and Decent Work, Through Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining, Atendee.
  • 15 March, UNHQ, New York, NY. CSW60, Addressing Violence Against Women and Girls to Achieve Sustainable Development, Attendee.
  • 16 February, UNHQ, New York, NY. High-level Event on the Value of Hosting Mega Sport Events as a Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainable Development Tool, Attendee
  • 11 February, UNHQ, New York, NY. First Commemoration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Attendee
  • 9 February, 7PM EST, NABU NGO Board Meeting


  • 6 November, 6PM EST, NABU NGO Board Meeting
  • 2010-Present, UNHQ, New York, NY. United Nations Expert Group Meetings (EGM), E-Government Expert
  • 19 October, UNHQ, New York, NY. World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS +10), Advisor.
  • 14-16 July, UNHQ, New York, NY. Sixth Working Session of the Open Ended Working Group on Ageing.
  • July, UNHQ, New York, NY. Stakeholder Selection Committee for the United Nations President of the General Assembly’s Informal Interactive Consultations on WSIS+1, Member.
  • 8 June, 4PM EST, NABU NGO Board Meeting
  • 12 May, 7PM EST, NABU NGO Board Meeting
  • 28 April, UNHQ, New York NY. Civil Society Hearing on the Longer-Term Positioning of the United Nations Development System, Participant.
  • 16-17 March, UNHQ, New York, NY. Expert Group Meeting “United Nations E-Government Survey 2016: E-Government for Sustainable Development.”, Presenter.


  • February. 13th Session of the Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA) of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).


  • October, Korea. United Nations Global E-government Forum, Ministerial Round Table, Expert/Chair/Rapporteur
  • October, United States Embassy, Estonia. High-level Round Table. Speaker “E-government Trends and Estonia”.
  • July, St. Petersburg, Russia. Imagine Cup 2013 Final. 
  • July, Switzerland. United Nations E-Participation Forum, Expert Group Meeting, Expert.
  • June, United Nations Public Service Awards and Forum 2013, Expert Group Meeting, Bahrain, Expert/Speaker/Session Chair “Developing a Toolkit Based on Lessons and Trends”


  • December, United Nations E-government Expert Group Meeting, Department of Economic and Social Affairs , UN HQ, New York; Expert, Rapporteur
  • July, Sydney, Australia. Imagine Cup 2012 Final.
  • June, UNHQ, New York, NY. United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) Public Service Forum, Speaker “How to use Social Media to Innovate and Engage Citizens in Service Delivery?” 
  • 19-20 April, Danilovgrad, Montenegro. 6th ReSPA Annual Conference, Speaker “E-government strategy”, “UN Public Service Awards”.


  • July, New York, NY. Imagine Cup 2011 Final. 
  • 19 May, Geneva, Switzerland. United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) Workshop on “Greater Government Transparency and Citizen Engagement to Promote Effectiveness and Accountability in Public Service Delivery”.


  • October, Istanbul, Turkey. Bilisim Zirvesi ‘2010 (ICT Summit), Keynote & Speaker: “The Future of CIOs: Next 10 Years”
  • July, Warsaw, Poland. Imagine Cup 2010 Final. 
  • June, Barcelona, Spain. United Nations Public Service Award & Forum, Speaker: “National E-government Strategies: Application of ICT in Government in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals”
  • May. Computerworld Honors Program, Computerworld Information Technology Awards Foundation, Judge
  • May, Istanbul, Turkey. European Regional Economic Forum 2010 Workshop on Knowledge Transfer for Development, TUBITAK, Speaker “Capacity Building for Knowledge Transfer & Globalization”


  • December, Muscat, Oman. Omani Government, Gulf Conference, Speaker “Private-Public Partnership & E-Government”.
  • December, Muscat, Oman. First GCC e-Goverment Conference.
  • July, Cairo, Egypt. Imagine Cup 2009 Final.
  • May, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. UN Economic Commission for Africa, 1st Session of the Committee on Development Information Science and Technology, Workshop on HIV/AIDS and GIS, Rapporteur and Observer.
  • April, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 1st Session of the Committee on Development of Information Science and Technology, UN Economic Commission to Africa.
  • January, New York, NY. Executive Roundtable Forum at Microsoft, Chairman/Organizer.


  • October. UNFPA High-level Consultation on HIV Prevention, Discussant.- July, Paris, France. Education Leaders Forum, Advisor.
  • October, New York. “HIV Prevention in Africa, UNFPA and Partners African HIV Prevention Strategy Consultation Meeting”, Discussant/Think Tank
  • August. CIO 100 Awards, CXO Media, Judge.
  • July, Paris, France. Imagine Cup 2008 Final
  • July, UNESCO H.Q., Paris, France.  Education Leaders Forum, Adviser.
  • 27 May, China. 7th Forum on City Informatization in the Asia-Pacific Region, Capacity-building Workshop on Back Office Management in Asia and Pacific Region, Presenter.
  • May, Shangai, People’s Republic of China. Chairman, CIO to CIO Dialogue at the CIO Executive Forum.
  • May, Shanghai, China. CIO Executive Forum in Support of United Nations Development Programme, Chairman/Speaker.
  • April, New York, NY. CIO Conference, CIO, CXO Media. “Surviving and Prospering in an Economic Downturn”, Speaker/Moderator.
  • Switzerland. Trends in Information & Communication Technology and the Challenge of Sustainable Development, UBS Wolfsberg Think Tank., Scholar in Residence at UBS Wolfsberg Think Tank.


  • 5-7 November. IOI Malta Operational Centre of the University of Malta, Pacem in Maribus XXXII, Women, Youth and the See.
  • 25 September, Geneva, Switzerland. UN Workshop Global Forum on Youth and Development “Network of Knowledge Experts and Their Role in Addressing Environmental Challenges”.
  • 24-26 September, UNHQ, New York, NY. The Global Forum on Youth and ICT for Development.
  • 10 August. Global Public Education Forum, Seoul Korea, Microsoft and Korean Ministry of Education, Panel Speaker.
  • July, Seoul, Korea. Imagine Cup 2007 Final.
  • June. United Nations Public Administration Network, Online training programme on “E-Government, What a Government Leader Should Know”, Reviewer.
  • 19-20 April, UNHQ, New York, NY. Infopoverty World Conference, Participant.
  • 2-4 April. UNHQ, New York, NY. First Medical Assembly: Meeting the Global Challenge of Cancer.
  • March – April. Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Emmy New Media Technology Blue, Panel Judge
  • 25-27 February, Santa Clara, USA. UN GAID Strategy Council Meeting, Participant.
  • Februrary, UNHQ, New York, NY. Age of Connectivity: Cities, Magnets of Hope, Chairman.
  • February, New York, NY. International Conference on Age of Connectivity: Cities, Magnets of Hope, United Nations Human Settlements Programme, Chairman.
  • January. The Third Annual Young Generation Technical and Leadership Conference 2007, Keynote Speaker.
  • 2007. Workshop on Building Human Capital and Intellectual Capacity.
  • 2007. Compendium of ICT Applications on Electronic Government Volume 1: Mobile Applications on Health and Education, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs,  Researcher.


  • 28-29 November, UNHQ, New York, NY. Our Common Humanity.
  • November, UNHQ, New York, NY. High-level Conference on Our Common Humanity, Responder.
  • November, UNHQ, New York, NY. Partners Committee for Our Common Humanity Conference, Convener.
  • 31 October, St. George’s House, Windsor, UK. Windsor Roundtable to Support the Global Forum on Reinventing Government, Participant.
  • October. World Bank Institute e-discussion “ICT for Economic Development”, Participant.
  • October. ICT for Economic Development organized by RiOS and the World Bank Institute, Discussant.
  • October, Windsor, UK. Round Table at St. George’s House to Support the 7th Global Forum on Reinventing Government, Session Chairman/Participant.


  • September, New York, NY. Microsoft & SIM IT Day (inaugural event), Event Chairman.
  • July, Yokohama, Japan. Imagine Cup 2005 Final, VIP Final Judge/Adviser


  • Graz, Austria, Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society, Visitor.
  • October, Project NABU-Cameroon: “The Case of Socio-enabling Computing Seminar”.